addTextPropertyExt(t, id, location, name, desc, defaultVal, validator)

Same as addTextProperty but with a validator function validator. The validator function is supposed to return True for accepted inputs, and False for invalid inputs. Invalid inputs will be flagged as red in the UI but are still accepted (dialog box can be closed). The reason for flagging an input as invalid must be set in the global variable validationError, and will be shown in the help area for the property pane.


def ek_validator(s):
    global validationError
    if s != "0xC0FFEE,0xBABE,0xADDED,0xCACA0":
        validationError ="That's no fun !" 
        return False
    return True

def onload(ide):
    ide.addTextPropertyExt(t,"x.eraseKey" , "*|programoptions|programoptions.eraseb4program","Erase key with validation","Enter 4x32 bit numbers separated by comma", "0xC0FFEE,0xBABE,0xADDED,0xCACA0", "ek_validator")