15.6 Operation During Sleep

When the device enters Sleep, the Watchdog Timer is cleared. If the WWDT is enabled during Sleep, the Watchdog Timer resumes counting. When the device exits Sleep, the Watchdog Timer is cleared again. The Watchdog Timer remains clear until the Oscillator Start-up Timer (OST) completes, if enabled. When a WWDT time-out occurs while the device is in Sleep, no Reset is generated. Instead, the device wakes up and resumes operation. The TO and PD bits in the STATUS register are changed to indicate the event. The RWDT bit in the PCON0 register indicates that a Watchdog Reset has occurred.

Table 15-2. WWDT Clearing Conditions
Conditions WWDT
WDTE = ‘b00 Cleared
WDTE = ‘b01 and SEN = 0
WDTE = ‘b10 and enter Sleep
CLRWDT Command
Oscillator Fail Detected
Exit Sleep + System Clock = SOSC, EXTRC, INTOSC, EXTCLK
Exit Sleep + System Clock = XT, HS, LP Cleared until the end of OST
Change INTOSC divider (IRCF bits) Unaffected