22.6 CLC Setup Steps

These steps need to be followed when setting up the CLC:

  1. Disable the CLC by clearing the EN bit.
  2. Select the desired inputs using the CLCnSEL0 through CLCnSEL3 registers.
  3. Clear any ANSEL bits associated with CLC input pins.
  4. Set all TRIS bits associated with inputs. However, a CLC input will also operate if the pin is configured as an output, in which case the TRIS bits must be cleared.
  5. Enable the chosen inputs through the four gates using the CLCnGLS0 through CLCnGLS3 registers.
  6. Select the gate output polarities with the GyPOL bits.
  7. Select the desired logic function with the MODE bits.
  8. Select the desired polarity of the logic output with the POL bit (this step may be combined with the previous gate output polarity step).
  9. If driving a device pin, configure the associated pin PPS control register and also clear the TRIS bit corresponding to that output.
  10. Configure the interrupts (optional). See the CLC Interrupts section.
  11. Enable the CLC by setting the EN bit.