Atmel START QTouch® Capacitive Sensing Library

The Peripheral Touch Controller (PTC) is a capacitive touch sense module that supports autonomous sensing of 1 to 256 channels. The PTC supports both self and mutual capacitance sensor layouts in the same application, which provide great flexibility for the system designer. Due to the autonomous operation, the PTC uses very little CPU resources and power, even for high key count designs.

Key Features

QTouch® Library is a royalty-free software library for developing touch applications using AVR® and SAM devices with Peripheral Touch Controller. QTouch Configurator is an Atmel START-based touch example project builder, while Data Visualizer allows you to visualize sensor debug data and tune QTouch Library parameter settings. The following pages of this tutorial cover the steps needed to use QTouch Configurator and Data Visualizer tools when working with a QTouch Library touch example project.