Keil® µVision®

The following steps describe how to use the output from Atmel START in Keil µVision.

Exporting the Project from Atmel START

  1. 1. On the Atmel START website, create a new project (Example or Board).
  2. 2. Click on the Export Software Component button. Make sure the "µVision from Keil" check box is checked.
  3. 3. Click on DOWNLOAD PACK.
    An ‘atmelstart.atzip’ pack file will be downloaded.
  4. 4. Rename the downloaded file's extension to ‘.zip’ (change from ‘.atzip’ to ‘.zip’).
  5. 5. Unzip the resulting ‘’ file into a folder of your choice, where you would like to create your project.

Open the Project in Keil µVision

  1. 1. Start Keil µVision, and select File > Open. Change the file type filter to show Generator Pack Description files, (*.gpdsc). Select the ‘AtmelStart.gpdsc’ file from the folder as described in section Exporting the Project from Atmel START. Click Open.
  2. 2. Make sure CMSIS > Core and Device > Startup are checked.
  3. Since the GPDSC does not contain project settings, and the generated code needs Keil C/C++ "C99 Mode" to be compiled (CMSIS exceptions are allowed in coding), it should be enabled after opening the GPDSC with Keil.

  4. 3. Select Project > Options for target… > C/C++.
  5. 4. Make sure the "C99 Mode" check box is checked. Click OK.
  6. Before debugging your project on the Xplained boards, change the settings to use a CMSIS-DAP Debugger:

  7. 5. Select Project > Options for target… > Debug.
  8. 6. Select CMSIS-DAP Debugger from the Use list. Click OK.
  9. 7. Optional: If the project compiles with error ‘cannot open source input file "sam.h"’ add device-specific include path to C/C++ input paths, like ‘.\samd20\include’ for SAM D20 device.