Importing Non-Secure Project using Makefile

  1. 1.Build the project using Makefile, by following the procedure described here - Executing a GNU C Makefile.
  2. 2.It displays the following warning messages:
    1. a.The SAML11 non-secure project needs input files from the secure project. Here are the example steps:
      1. i.Get the ‘Device_Startup/saml11_nonsecure.ld’, ‘trustzone/trustzone_veneer.h’ and ‘gcc/libsecure_gateway_veneer.lib’ files from the secure project.
      2. ii.Copy the ‘saml11_nonsecure.ld into gcc/gcc’ folder in the non-secure project.
      3. iii. Copy ‘trustzone_veneer.h’ and ‘libsecure_gateway_veneer.lib’ into the root folder, in the non-secure project.
      4. iv. Update Makefile to use the new linker script: -T"../gcc/gcc/saml11_nonsecure.ld".
      5. v. Update Makefile to include the secure gateway lib: -Wl,--start-group -lm -l:libsecure_gateway_veneer.lib -L"../" -Wl,--end-group.
  3. 3. Follow the procedure described in the warning message.