PINMUX Configurator

The PINMUX Configurator presents an overview of all the configured pins.

Figure 1. PINMUX Configurator
  1. Pin Assignment.
  2. Device Layout.
  3. Pin Details Editor.

From the Pin Assignment table you can:

From the Device Layout you can:

The Pin Details Editor is used for setting properties for GPIO pins. Select one or more GPIO pins in the Pin Assignment table, and the Pin Details Editor will open at the bottom of the screen. Here you can assign a user label, select a pin mode, and configure the selected pin mode.


You can select multiple pins at once by pressing the <SHIFT+CTRL> keyboard keys while clicking on the list. This allows you to configure multiple pins at once.

If the pins selected are of different types, they may not support the same pin modes. You will only be able to configure settings that are common to the selected pins.