Clock Configurator

The clock system consists of oscillators and sources of different types. By using the Clock Configurator you can configure each source and oscillator, and see the calculated output frequency.

The view also lets you select the correct clock source for the selected components.

Not all devices have check boxes to enable/disable Sources. These must be set by accessing the Settings Dialog. Oscillators with no check box are always enabled.

How to use the Clock Configurator

Enabling and Disabling

When creating a project many of the oscillators will initially be disabled. These have an empty check box in the lower left corner. Sources and components using a disabled oscillator will have a warning sign. To enable or disable a Source, use the check box if available or open the settings menu and check the appropriate parameter.

Oscillator Source Input

Some oscillators may have a Source Generator as input. These will display a warning if the frequency is outside the defined limits. Hover over the text to display the tooltip showing source and offending frequency. A warning is also displayed if an oscillator is an input to a Source that is input to the same oscillator, creating a circular dependency.

Multiple Clocks

Some components have more than one clock. If this is the case, the clock used for drag and drop has a darker font. To switch, click on the name of the clock that should be used in drag and drop.

Selecting Component Clock Sources

Clock Sources can be set from the Component Settings Dialog:

Clock Sources can also be selected from the Component Editor:

Clock Settings

The Oscillator and Source Settings Dialog will display settings defined by the item selected. A tooltip is provided to help with the options. Check the "Enable" box in the upper corner to enable editing of options.