Getting Started: Opening an Example Project

  1. 1. Open a browser and go to
  2. 2. Select BROWSE EXAMPLES.
    A window showing all available example projects will open.
  3. 3. Select Getting Started from the Category (or type "Sensors" in the search filter) to find the Getting Started Sensors example project. Click User guide in order to get an overview of the project.
    Tip: Example project user guides give a description of what the project does, required interface settings, as well as a simple list of steps to run the project. Getting Started Projects also includes links to training materials and/or videos in their user guides.
  4. 4. Once the example is useful, click on the example (makes it highlighted blue), then click OPEN SELECTED EXAMPLE to open it.
    Tip: The example list can be filtered on search term, category, or board.

    Search will filter examples on words in either the project name or description.

    Category will filter examples on key technologies, such as BLE.

    Board will filter examples on development kit names.