ATtiny212/412 - DS40001911

Obsolete Publication DS40001911C - 10/2019

Section Changes
  • Added Preliminary prefix to data sheet
  • Removed reference to CLKOUT
Electrical Characteristics
  • Updated characteristics for AC Hysteresis
  • ADC Characteristics:
    • Added duty cycle note for clock frequencies above 1500 kHz

Obsolete Publication DS40001911B - 07/2019

Section Changes
  • Editorial updates.
  • Introduction:
    • Added a note for automotive data sheets
    • Changed text to align with all tinyAVR® 0- and 1-series data sheets
  • Retention endurance numbers added
  • Data Sheet Clarification Document chapter added
  • Ordering Information moved
  • I/O Multiplexing and Considerations updated
  • Removed references to unsupported external 32 kHz oscillator
Configuration and User Fuses
  • RSTPINCFG: Time-out after a system reset when fused to be GPIO explained
  • Updated with missing information
BOD - Brown-out Detector
  • Removed levels not characterized by minimum and maximum values
  • Added a note for typical values and reference to electrical characteristics
  • Added a note for alternative WOn pins
  • Clarified One-Wire mode
  • Clarified text about Disabling the Transmitter
  • Reverted 32±6 to 16±3 baud samples in RXMODE bits in CTRLB
  • Clarified functionality for SPI SS pin
  • Removed unsupported BACKGROUND and CONTINUOUS scan functionality
ADC - Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • Added missing calibration register
  • Added warning for ESD protection
  • GPIO functionality disabled for a period after a system reset, changed from ms to clock cycles
Electrical Characteristics
  • Added note for Chip Erase in General Operating Ratings
  • Corrected the description for some symbols in the I/O Pin Characteristics table
  • Errata moved to ATtiny212/412 Silicon Errata and Data Sheet Clarification Document
Ordering Information
  • Updated with product page links and ordering codes
Product Identification System
  • Updated with Tube and Tray packing media
Package Drawings
  • Updated package drawings to Microchip standard

Obsolete Publication DS40001911A - 01/2017

Section Changes
Document Initial Release