22.5.17 Capture x

For capture operation, these registers constitute the second buffer level and access point for the CPU. The TCD.CAPTUREx registers are updated with the buffer value when an UPDATE condition occurs. CAPTURE A register contains the value from the TCD counter when a Trigger A or a software capture A occurs. CAPTURE B register contain the value from the TCD counter when Trigger B or software capture B occurs.

The TCD counter value is synchronized to CAPTUREx by either software or an event.

The capture register is blocked for update of new capture data until TCDn.CAPTURExH is read.

Offset: 0x22 + n*0x02 [n=0..1]
Reset: 0x00
Property: -

Bit 15141312111098 
Access RRRR 
Reset 0000 
Bit 76543210 
Reset 00000000 

Bits 11:0 – CAPTURE[11:0] Capture Byte