22.5.6 Event Control x

Offset: 0x08 + n*0x01 [n=0..1]
Reset: 0x00
Property: -

Bit 76543210 
Access R/WR/WR/WR/WR/W 
Reset 00000 

Bits 7:6 – CFG[1:0] Event Configuration

When the Input Capture Noise canceler is activated (FILTERON), the Event input is filtered. The filter function requires four successive equal valued samples of the Retrigger pin for changing its output. The Input Capture is therefore delayed by four clock cycles when the noise canceler is enabled.

When the Asynchronous Event is enabled (ASYNCON), the Event input will qualify the output directly.

0x0NEITHERNeither Filter nor Asynchronous Event is enabled.
0x1FILTERONInput Capture Noise Cancellation Filter enabled.
0x2ASYNCONAsynchronous Event output qualification enabled.

Bit 4 – EDGE Edge Selection

This bit is used to select the active edge or level for the event input.

0FALL_LOWThe falling edge or low level of the Event input generates Retrigger or Fault action.
1RISE_HIGHThe rising edge or high level of the Event input generates Retrigger or Fault action.

Bit 2 – ACTION Event Action

This bit enables Capture on Event input. By default, the input will trigger a Fault, depending on the Input x register input mode (TCD.INPUTx). It is also possible to trigger a Capture on the Event input.
0FAULTEvent triggers a Fault.
1CAPTUREEvent triggers a Fault and Capture.

Bit 0 – TRIGEI Trigger Event Input Enable

Writing this bit to '1' enables Event as trigger for input A.