5.15 Live Connect Debug

For running code, start a debug session using Live Connect Debug.

Table 5-10. Debug vs. Live Connect Debug
Function Description
Debug The code will be built for debug, the device will be reset and reprogrammed by the hardware tool and a debug session will begin.
Live Connect Debug The hardware tool will connect, a debug session will begin, and the target will halt.
Note: Only certain devices support Live Connect Debug. See the Hardware Tool Debug Features by Device table under Help > Release Notes > Debug Features Support.

Before you program the device to run, enable Load Symbols to be able to debug with Live Connect Debug. In the Project Properties window, Loading category, check Load symbols when programming or building for production (slows process).

Ensure the device is running before selecting Live Connect Debug. If the device is in reset it will halt in the reset vector handler and not in code.

It is recommended that the reset pin is disconnected from the tool or target board to eliminate any spurious resets caused by any noise on the reset line.