5.1 Create a New Project

A Project is a group of source files and associated information about how to compile and link the source files and run the resulting program. MPLAB X IDE stores project information in a project folder that includes a makefile and metadata files. Your source directories do not need to be physically located in the project folder, though it is recommended for project portability.

In the IDE, you always work inside a project even if your program is contained in a single source file. Each project must have a makefile so the IDE can build the project. A project's makefile can be generated by the IDE or you can use a makefile that was previously created outside the IDE.

Projects with IDE-generated makefiles are called Managed Projects and come in several varieties. When you create a project in MPLAB X IDE using the New Project Wizard, you will be able to choose from available types of project.

Projects that use makefiles, created outside the IDE, are called User Makefile Projects. For more information on creating this type of makefile, see Creating Makefiles Outside of MPLAB® X IDE.

You work with projects through the IDE's 14.24 Projects Window.

You can change an Application project to a Library project by changing the Configuration Type. For details, see 5.11.1 Change Project Configuration Type.