5.10 Add Files to a Project

Once you have created a new project, you will need to add files to it to create your application. You can create new, empty files in which to write your code or you can import or reference existing files. The editor can be used to create or update any file contents, making use of language-tool specific color-coding and other features.

File Link Order

The order in which you add files to the project will determine their link order. If you have imported a project from MPLAB IDE v8, the order will be determined by the .mcp file. A new file added to the project will be linked last. If you remove a file and then re-add it, it moves to the end of the link list.

Library and Object File Linking

You can reference library and object files to be used by the linker.

Exclude Files from the Build

You can set file or folder level options to exclude files from the build.