5.4 View or Make Changes to Project Properties

Once the Project Properties window has been opened (see 5.3 Open Project Properties), you can view or change project properties.

Click the Conf: [default] category to reveal the general project configuration. Your may change the configuration by selecting a different item, if available.

Family Device Family name. Select a device family to narrow the selection in the “Device” drop-down list.
Device Name of the project device.

Care should be taken when changing the device, especially to one from a different family, as the pack, hardware tool and compiler will need to be updated.

Connected Hardware Tool Name of the connected hardware tool(s). To see all hardware tools that support the project device, check “Show All.”
Supported Debug Header Number of supported header. Not all devices have/need a debug header.
Supported Plugin Board Name of supported plugin board (Real ICE tool only).
Packs Name and versions of each pack containing the device information file. The one previously selected is highlighted. See 6.1 Work with Packs.
Compiler Toolchain Name(s) of supported toolchain(s) based on the project device. The one previously selected is highlighted.

If there is a newer toolchain available, you may see a “Download Latest” link. See Download MPLAB XC Compilers.

Figure 5-10. Project Properties Window - Default Configuration