ADC Specifications

Table 1. ADC Accuracy Specifications
Operating Conditions:
  • VDD = VDDIO2 = 3.0V
  • TA = 25ºC
Symbol Description Min. Typ. Max. Units Conditions
NR Resolution 12 bit  
EINL Integral Non-Linearity error 0.1 LSb  
EDNL Differential Non-Linearity error 0.1 LSb  
EOFF Offset error 1.25 LSb  
EGAIN Gain error 2.5 LSb  
EABS Absolute error 4 LSb  
VADCREF ADC reference voltage 1.8 VDD V  
VAIN ADC input pin voltage GND VADCREF V  
ZAIN Recommended impedance of analog voltage source 10  
RIN ADC input resistance 14  
RVREFA ADC voltage reference ladder impedance(2) 50  
  1. 1.The ADC conversion result never decreases with an increase in the input and has no missing codes.
  2. 2.This is the impedance seen by the VREFA pin when the external reference is selected.
Table 2. ADC Conversion Timing Specifications
Symbol Description Min. Typ. Max. Units Conditions
TCLK_ADC ADC clock period 0.5 8 μs  
tCNV Conversion time 13.5×TCLK_ADC+2×TCLK_PER μs  
tACQ Acquisition time 2×TCLK_ADC μs  
fADC Sample rate 8 130 ksps  
tS Sampling time 2×TCLK_ADC μs  
tWARMUP ADC warmup time 2 6 μs