Standard Operating Conditions

The device must operate within the ratings listed in this section for all other electrical characteristics and typical characteristics of the device to be valid.
Table 1. General Operating Conditions
Operating Voltage VDDMIN ≤ VDD ≤ VDDMAX
Operating Temperature TA_MIN ≤ TA ≤ TA_MAX
The standard operating conditions for any device, are defined as:
Table 2. Standard Operating Conditions
Parameter Ratings Units
VDD — Operating Supply Voltage(1)
Industrial and Extended temperature VDDMIN +1.8 V
TA — Operating Ambient Temperature Range
Industrial temperature TA_MIN -40 °C
TA_MAX +85 °C
Extended temperature TA_MIN -40 °C
TA_MAX +125 °C
  1. 1.Refer to section Supply Voltage.