The CCL can generate the events shown in the table below.

Table 1. Event Generators in the CCL
Generator Name Description Event Type Generating Clock Domain Length of Event
Peripheral Event
CCL LUTn LUT output level Level Asynchronous Depends on the CCL configuration
The CCL has the event users below for detecting and acting upon input events.
Table 2. Event Users in the CCL
User Name Description Input Detection Async/Sync
Peripheral Input
CCL LUTnx LUTn input x or clock signal No detection Async
The event signals are passed directly to the LUTs without synchronization or input detection logic.

Two event users are available for each LUT. They can be selected as LUTn inputs by writing to the INSELn bit groups in the LUT n Control B and Control C (CCL.LUTnCTRLB or LUTnCTRLC) registers.

Refer to the Event System (EVSYS) section for more details regarding the event types and the EVSYS configuration.