Programmable Output Events

The Programmable Output Event (PROGEV) uses the same logic as the input blanking for trigger selection and delay. Therefore, it is not possible to configure functionalities independently. If the input blanking functionality is used, the output event cannot be delayed, and the trigger used for input blanking will also be used for the output event.

PROGEV is configured in the TCDn.DLYCTRL and TCDn.DLYVAL registers. It is possible to delay the output event by 0 to 255 TCD delay clock cycles. The delayed output event functionality uses the TCD delay clock and counts until the DLYVAL value is reached before the trigger is sent out as an event. The TCD delay clock is a prescaled version of the TCD synchronizer clock (CLK_TCD_SYNC), and the division factor is set by the DLYPRESC bits in the TCDn.DLYCTRL register. The output event will be delayed by the TCD clock period x DLYPRESC division factor x DLYVAL.