Debug Operation

Whenever the debugger reads or writes a peripheral or memory location, the CRCSCAN will be disabled.

If the CRCSCAN is busy when the debugger accesses the device, the CRCSCAN will restart the ongoing operation when the debugger accesses an internal register or when the debugger disconnects.

The BUSY bit in the Status (CRCSCAN.STATUS) register will read ‘1’ if the CRCSCAN was busy when the debugger caused it to disable, but it will not actively check any section as long as the debugger keeps it disabled. There are synchronized CRC status bits in the debugger's internal register space, which can be read by the debugger without disabling the CRCSCAN. Reading the debugger's internal CRC status bits will make sure that the CRCSCAN is enabled.

It is possible to write the CRCSCAN.STATUS register directly from the debugger:

Writes to CRCSCAN.CTRLA and CRCSCAN.CTRLB from the debugger are treated in the same way as writes from the CPU.