Timer/Counter Commands

A set of commands can be issued by software to immediately change the state of the peripheral. These commands give direct control of the UPDATE, RESTART and RESET signals. A command is issued by writing the respective value to the Command (CMD) bit field in the Control E (TCAn.CTRLESET) register.

An UPDATE command has the same effect as when an UPDATE condition occurs, except that the UPDATE command is not affected by the state of the Lock Update (LUPD) bit in the Control E (TCAn.CTRLE) register.

The software can force a restart of the current waveform period by issuing a RESTART command. In this case, the counter, direction, and all compare outputs are set to ‘0’.

A RESET command will set all timer/counter registers to their initial values. A RESET command can be issued only when the timer/counter is not running (ENABLE = 0 in the TCAn.CTRLA register).