Time-Out Check Mode

In the Time-Out Check mode, the peripheral starts counting on the first signal edge and stops on the next signal edge detected on the event input channel. CNT remains stationary after the Stop edge (Freeze state). In Freeze state, the counter will restart on a new Start edge.

This mode requires TCB to be configured as an event user, and is explained in Events section.

Start or Stop edge is determined by the Event Edge (EDGE) bit in the Event Control (TCBn.EVCTRL) register. If CNT reaches TOP before the second edge, a CAPT interrupt and event will be generated. If TOP is updated to a value lower than the CNT upon reaching MAX, an OVF interrupt and the simultaneous event is generated, and the counter restarts from BOTTOM. In Freeze state, reading the Count (TCBn.CNT) register or Compare/Capture (TCBn.CCMP) register, or writing the Run (RUN) bit in the Status (TCBn.STATUS) register has no effect.
Figure 1. Time-Out Check Mode