Figure 1. SPI - Timing Requirements in Host Mode
Table 1. SPI - Timing Characteristics in Host Mode
Symbol Description Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition
fSCK SCK clock frequency 10 MHz  
TSCK SCK period 100 ns  
tSCKW SCK high/low width 0.5×TSCK ns  
tSCKR SCK rise time 2.7 ns  
tSCKF SCK fall time 2.7 ns  
tMIS MISO setup to SCK 10 ns  
tMIH MISO hold after SCK 10 ns  
tMOS MOSI setup to SCK 0.5×TSCK ns  
tMOH MOSI hold after SCK 1.0 ns  
Figure 2. SPI - Timing Requirements in Client Mode
Table 2. SPI - Timing Characteristics in Client Mode
Symbol Description Min. Typ. Max. Unit Condition
fSSCK Client SCK clock frequency 5 MHz  
TSSCK Client SCK period 4×TCLK_PER ns  
tSSCKW SCK high/low width 2×TCLK_PER ns  
tSSCKR SCK rise time 1600 ns  
tSSCKF SCK fall time 1600 ns  
tSIS MOSI setup to SCK 3.0 ns  
tSIH MOSI hold after SCK TCLK_PER ns  
tSSS SS setup to SCK 21 ns  
tSSH SS hold after SCK 20 ns  
tSOS MISO setup to SCK 8.0 ns  
tSOH MISO hold after SCK 13 ns  
tSOSS MISO setup after SS low 11 ns  
tSOSH MISO hold after SS low 8.0 ns