Input Blanking

Input blanking functionality masks out the input events for a programmable time in a selectable part of the TCD cycle. Input blanking can be used to mask out ‘false’ input events triggered right after changes on the outputs occur.

Input blanking can be enabled by configuring the Delay Select (DLYSEL) bit field in the Delay Control (TCDn.DLYCTRL) register. The trigger source is selected by the Delay Trigger (DLYTRIG) bit field in TCDn.DLYCTRL.

Input blanking uses the delay clock. After a trigger, a counter counts up until the Delay Value (DLYVAL) bit field in the Delay Value (TCDn.DLYVAL) register is reached. Afterward, input blanking is turned off. The TCD delay clock is a prescaled version of the synchronizer clock (CLK_TCD_SYNC). The division factor is set by the Delay Prescaler (DLYPRESC) bit field in the Delay Control (TCDn.DLYCTRL) register. The duration of the input blanking is given by:


Input blanking uses the same logic as the programmable output event. For this reason, it is not possible to use both at the same time.