Peripherals Power Consumption

Use the table below to calculate the additional current consumption for the different I/O peripherals in the various operating modes. Some peripherals will request the clock to be enabled when operating in STANDBY. Refer to the peripheral section for further information.

Table 1. Peripherals Power Consumption(1)
Operating Conditions:
  • VDD = VDDIO2 = 3V
  • TA = 25°C
  • OSCHF at 4 MHz used as the clock source
  • Device in Standby sleep mode
Symbol Description Min. Typ. Max. Units Conditions
IDD_WDT Watchdog Timer (WDT) 490 nA 32.768 kHz Internal Oscillator
IDD_MVIO Dual supply configuration, Multi-Voltage I/O (MVIO) 500 nA  
IDD_VREF Voltage Reference (VREF) μA ADC0REF enabled, VREF = 2.048V
μA ACREF enabled, VREF = 2.048V
μA DACREF enabled, VREF = 2.048V
IDD_BOD Brown-out Detector (BOD) 20 μA Brown-out Detect (BOD) continuous, including bandgap
1.3 μA BOD sampling @128 Hz, BODLEVEL3, including bandgap
600 nA BOD sampling @32 Hz, BODLEVEL3, including bandgap
IDD_TCA 16-bit Timer/Counter Type A (TCA) 5.8 μA CLK_PER = HFOSC/4 = 1 MHz
IDD_TCB 16-bit Timer/Counter Type B (TCB) 2.7 μA
IDD_TCD 12-bit Timer/Counter Type D (TCD) μA
IDD_RTC Real-Time Counter (RTC) 790 nA CLK_RTC = 32.768 kHz Internal Oscillator
IDD_OSCHF Internal High-Frequency Oscillator (OSCHF) 150 µA Internal Oscillator running at 4 MHz
IDD_XOSCHF High Frequency Crystal Oscillator (XOSCHF) 350 μA 20 MHz XTAL, CL = 15 pF
IDD_OSC32K 32.768 kHz Internal Oscillator (OSC32K) 350 nA  
IDD_XOSC32K 32.768 kHz Crystal Oscillator (XOSC32K) 2.4 μA XOSC32K High Power, CL = 9 pF
580 nA XOSC32K Low Power, CL = 9 pF
IDD_ADC Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) μA ADC - Non-converting
980 μA ADC @60 ksps(2)
1.1 mA ADC @120 ksps(2)
IDD_AC Analog Comparator (AC) 70 μA Power Profile 0
12 μA Power Profile 1
6.0 μA Power Profile 2
IDD_OPAMP Analog Signal Conditioning (OPAMP), IRSEL = 0(3) 1.2 mA One OPAMP in voltage follower mode, VCM = VDD/2
Analog Signal Conditioning (OPAMP), IRSEL = 1(3) 880 μA One OPAMP in voltage follower mode, VCM = VDD/2
IDD_DAC Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) μA DAC + DACOUT, DACVREF = VDD/2
IDD_USART Universal Synchronous and Asynchronous Receiver and Transmitter (USART) 9.0 μA Idle mode, USART Enabled @9600 Baud
IDD_SPI Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) 2.0 μA Idle mode, SPI Host @100 kHz
IDD_TWI Two-Wire Interface (TWI) 9.0 μA Idle mode, TWI Host @100 kHz
7.0 μA Idle mode, TWI Client @100 kHz
IDD_NVM_ERASE Flash Programming Erase 5.0 mA Idle mode, Flash Programming Erase
IDD_NVM_WRITE Flash Programming Write 6.0 mA Idle mode, Flash Programming Write
IDD_ZCD Zero Cross Detector (ZCD) 12 μA Excluding sink/source currents
  1. 1.Current consumption of the module only. To calculate the total internal power consumption of the microcontroller, add the power consumption values of all the peripheral and clock sources used to the base power consumption given in the Power Consumption section in Electrical Characteristics.
  2. 2.Average power consumption with ADC active in Free-Running mode.
  3. 3.Without resistor ladder.