Flash Multi-Page Erase Mode

The Multi-Page Erase (FLMPERn) mode will allow each write to the memory array to erase multiple pages. When enabling FLMPERn, it is possible to select between erasing two, four, eight, 16, or 32 pages.

The LSbs of the page address are ignored when defining which Flash pages are erased. Using FLMPER4 as an example, erasing any page in the 0x08 - 0x0B range will cause the erase of all pages in the range.

Table 1. Flash Multi-Page Erase
CMD Pages Erased Description
FLMPER2 2 Pages matching FPAGE[N:1] are erased. The value in FPAGE[0] is ignored.
FLMPER4 4 Pages matching FPAGE[N:2] are erased. The value in FPAGE[1:0] is ignored.
FLMPER8 8 Pages matching FPAGE[N:3] are erased. The value in FPAGE[2:0] is ignored.
FLMPER16 16 Pages matching FPAGE[N:4] are erased. The value in FPAGE[3:0] is ignored.
FLMPER32 32 Pages matching FPAGE[N:5] are erased. The value in FPAGE[4:0] is ignored.
Note: FPAGE is the page number when doing a Flash erase. Refer to Figure 1 for details.