SPI Programming Images

The following .spi programming images are generated and exported for programming external SPI Flash of IAP Initiator.

Table 1. SPI Programming Images
Image Name Version Silicon Signature Image Index Start Address in SPI Flash
GOLDEN 0 N/A 0 0x00000400
IAP_IMAGE 2 0x12345678 2 0x00A00000
  1. 1.The GOLDEN image cannot contain any security or silicon signature information. The GOLDEN image is generated from <$download_directory>\mpf_an4568_v2022p1_df\Libero_Projects\IAP_Target\iap_target_o.prjx.
  2. 2.The IAP image is generated from <$download_directory>\mpf_an4568_v2022p1_df\Libero_Projects\IAP_Target\iap_target_c\iap_target_c.prjx.