Programming the MPF300T Device

This section describes the steps to re-create and program the IAP Initiator design on the MPF300T device by executing the TCL script available in the design files. Before you start, ensure that the version of IP cores in the Libero SoC vault is exactly the same as specified in <$download_directory>\mpf_an4568_v2022p1_df\INITIATOR\common.tcl.

Follow these steps:

  1. 1.Ensure that the hardware is setup as described in Setting Up the Hardware.
  2. 2.On the host PC, launch Libero SoC.
  3. 3.Select Project > Execute Script.
  4. 4.Select Browse and select script.tcl from <$download_directory>\mpf_an4568_v2022p1_df\INITIATOR\script.tcl.
  5. 5.Select Run. After successful execution of the TCL script, the following steps are completed:
    1. a.The user application is selected and the TCM initialization client is generated with the user application.
    2. b.The SPI Flash client is generated with the IAP image.
    3. c.The IAP Initiator design is programmed on the MPF300T device.
    4. d.The on-board SPI Flash is programmed with Golden and IAP image.
    5. e.The Libero SoC project for IAP Initiator is created (iap_initiator.prjx).
Tip: For more information about TCL commands, see Libero® SoC TCL Command Reference Guide. Contact Microchip Support for any queries about running the TCL script.

This concludes the programming of the MPF300T device.