Demo Requirements

 The following table lists the hardware and software required for running the demo.

Table 1. Demo Requirements
Requirement Description
Hardware and Accessories
  • PolarFire SmartSFP+ Module (MPF200T device) - Pre-release version
  • PolarFire Evaluation Kit (MPF300T device) - Rev D
USB A to mini-B cable (two cables)

Required for the following:

  • FPGA programming.
  • UART interface for the terminal prompt from Linux.
External FlashPro6 Programmer Required for programming the PolarFire MPF200T device on the SmartSFP+ Module.
Power adapters (two adapters)

12V, 5A

Host PC

A host PC with USB port.

Utility Software


Application used for initiating IAP request to PolarFire Evaluation Kit which writes the IAP bitstream to the SPI Flash on the PolarFire SmartSFP+ module.