PF_XCVR_0 (IAP Initiator)

The PolarFire high-speed transceiver (PF_XCVR_ERM) is a hard IP block and supports data rates from 500 Mbps to 12.7 Gbps. In this demo, PF_XCVR_ERM is configured for the data rate of 10312.5 Mbps. It is configured with a CDR reference clock of 156.25 MHz with lock to data selected as the CDR lock mode. The PCS of the transceiver is interfaced with CORE10GMAC. It is configured for the 64/66b mode with scrambler/descrambler enabled. The scrambler, which is self-synchronizing, generates sufficient transitions to aid data and clock recovery at the CDR. The following figure shows the transceiver interface configuration.
Figure 1. PF_XCVR Configuration