Mi-V Subsystem (IAP Initiator)

The Mi-V subsystem in IAP Initiator handles the following user commands from the GUI:

  1. 1.Get Target Version: To generate an interrupt for fetching the design version from the Target device (IAP Target).
  2. 2.Image Transfer: To transfer the bitstream from IAP Initiator to IAP Target in the form of Ethernet packet.
  3. 3.Authenticate IAP Image: To authenticate the stored IAP bitstream.
  4. 4.Program the Image: To execute the IAP sequence in IAP Target.
  5. 5.Clear the Sequence: To clear the status of executed commands by IAP Initiator and IAP Target.
The following figure shows sub-blocks of the Mi-V subsystem.
Figure 1. Mi-V Subsystem Sub-blocks
The Mi-V subsystem comprises of the following components: