Data Gen (IAP Target)

This module generates Ethernet packets with the appropriate control packets to be transmitted to IAP Initiator based on the instruction from the Mi-V soft processor. The packet structure is described in Table 1.

In this demo design, the Data Gen module uses the custom packet structure and fields to generate Control Ethernet packets. The Control Ethernet packet of length 92 bytes carries the necessary information to IAP Target for activities listed in the following table.

Table 1. Ethernet Packet Structure (Control)
Byte Number Size Field Value
1-8 8 bytes
  • Destination Address
  • Source Address
  • 16'hD0AB
9-16 8 bytes Source Address 32'hD5576610
Ethernet Type 16’h0700
  • 16’h0001 – Image write complete
  • 16'h0002 – Authenticate complete
  • 16’h0003 – target version number sent
  • 16’h0004 – Control information
  • 16’h0006 – IAP Authentication Complete
  • 16'h000B – IAP Mode ON

    16'h000C – Loopback Mode ON

16-23 8 bytes Zero’s 32’h00000000
Length 0x0040 – 64 bytes
Offset 16’h0000
24-87 64 bytes Payload (Control Information) 64’h0000000000000000 (for all packets)
Last 4 4 bytes FCS (Frame Check Sequence) Core10GMAC computes the FCS and appends to the Frame before transmitting out.