Mi-V Soft Processor

The Mi-V soft processor’s default Reset Vector Address value is 0x8000_0000. After the device Reset, the soft processor executes the application from TCM, which is mapped to 0x8000_0000, hence the Reset Vector Address is set to 0x8000_0000 as shown in Figure 1. TCM is the main memory of the Mi-V soft processor. TCM gets initialized with the user application from sNVM. In the Mi-V soft processor’s memory map, the 0x8000_0000 - 0x8000_FFFF range is defined for the TCM memory interface and the 0x6000_0000 - 0x6FFF_FFFF range is defined for the APB interface. The following figures show these configuration settings.

Figure 1. Mi-V TCM and Interface Configuration
Figure 2. Mi-V APB Memory Map Configuration
Note: Memory depth of TCM is set to 16384 words to accommodate an application of up to 64 KB into it. The present version of the application is below 50 KB so this can fit into either sNVM or µPROM. In this design, sNVM is selected as the data storage client.