4.12 Viewing Variable Values

You can view the changing values of variables in the Variables window. For more information on this window, see 5.19 Watch Local Variable Values Change.

To see different values of the variable counter, remove the breakpoint set in the previous topics by clicking on it in the left margin. Then set a new breakpoint as shown in the figure below.

Click the Debug Project icon

. When the code starts to run, quickly press and release the button on the evaluation board. The code will halt at the new breakpoint.

Open the Variables window by selecting Window > Debugging > Variables. To view the variable counter in the Variables window, click on the Show Variables button (see figure below).

counter information will be shown in the Variables window but may also be seen by hovering over the variable in code.

Figure 4-14. Variables Window - First Halt

Click the Continue icon

to continue code execution. Press and release the button on the evaluation board a bit slower. When the breakpoint halts the code again, view the Variables window to see that the value has changed (red text).

Figure 4-15. Variables Window - Second Halt