4.14 Viewing I/O Registers

The IO View window provides a graphical view of the I/O memory map of the device associated with the active project. This debug tool will display the actual register content when debugging, allowing verification of peripheral configurations. It can also be used to modify the content of a register without having to recompile.

View I/O Register

Open the I/O View window by selecting Window > Debugging > IO View. In the Peripheral (upper) part of the window, click on “(PORTC).” The registers associated with this peripheral will be shown in the Register (lower) part.

Figure 4-20. IO View Window

Click the Debug Project icon

to begin code execution. Halt the execution by clicking the Pause icon

Click on the IO View tab to view the changes. The contents of columns that have changed when the program initialized the port are shown in red (see figure below). This is selectable by the paintbrush button on the left side of the window.

Figure 4-21. IO View Window - First Halt

Click the Continue icon

and then Pause again. Nothing changed so the text will be black and the Bits will be blue.

View Register Changes

Click the Continue icon again. To see values change in IO View, press and hold the button on the evaluation board until you see the LED light and then click Pause. PC6 has been driven to ground (0) to activate the LED.

Figure 4-22. IO View Window - Bit Change

Make Changes to Register

You may also change register values directly by clicking on them when program execution is halted.

For more information on this window, see the following sections: