4.5 Opening an Example Project in MPLAB X IDE

In MPLAB X IDE, click the Open Project icon

. This should open the viewer to the MPLABXProjects folder. Search for the downloaded example code and select the project Long_And_Short_Button_Press.X. Then click Open Project.

Figure 4-2. Open Project

View the Projects and Files Windows

The Projects window displays the project tree with files grouped by category. For more information on these categories, see 6.6.1 Projects Window View.

Click on the Files window to see a file manager view of project files. See 6.6.2 Files Window View.

If you double click on a file name in either window, the related file will open in an Editor window. To close the tab, click on the “x” next to the file name.

Right click on the project name in the Projects window to view the pop-up (context) menu. You can do the same on the project’s subfolders and window background.

Figure 4-3. Projects and Files Windows

View the Dashboard and Navigator Windows

The Dashboard window shows details about the project. For more information, see 14.7 Dashboard Window.

The Navigator window provides a compact view of the file that is currently selected and simplifies navigation between different parts of the file.

Figure 4-4. Dashboard Window on Project Open