14.25 Terminal Window

Open a Terminal window by selecting Window > IDE Tools > Terminal.

To use the Terminal, the following is required:

  • Path Tools plugin: When you attempt to open the Terminal window, MPLAB X IDE will determine if this plugin is installed. If not, a dialog will open with an option to install the plugin.
    Figure 14-80. Install Plugin Dialog

    Follow the instruction in the Plugin Installer wizard. For more on Path Tools, see the section below.

  • An open project: If there is no open project in MPLAB X IDE, a dialog will open request that you open a project.
    Figure 14-81. Select a Project First Dialog

The Terminal will open to the project path and the PATH variable will contain the project environment. The project can be built from the terminal using make.

Figure 14-82. Path and Make

To view streaming data output, see also the Terminal window in the MPLAB Data Visualizer


Path Tools Plugin

Path Tools is a NetBeans plugin. MPLAB X IDE will find and install this plugin for you when you first use the Terminal.

When installed, the plugin provides the following features.

Table 14-96. Path Tool Controls
Icon Control Description On Toolbar On Tools Menu
Copy Paths Copy the selected project path x
Explore Path Open a file browser to the selected project path x x
Shell On Path Open a shell window to the selected project path x x
Edit Path Same as Explore Path x x