14.21 Output Window

Open this window by selecting Window > Output.

The Task pane contains many windows, some inherited from the NetBeans platform and some that are specific to MPLAB X IDE. The Output window contains the MPLAB X IDE output information. It is shown on tabs within the window.

Table 14-85. Output Window Tab Items
Item Description
Debugger Console Shows main debug actions, such as User program running.
Tool-specific Shows tool firmware version, device ID, and action status.
Build, Load Shows information and status on the build, and program loading.
Clean, Build, Load Shows information and status on the clean, build, and program loading.
Peripheral Output Shows technical output from peripherals such as the UART, with the Simulator as the debug tool.

Content Scrolling

Programming actions taking place will be shown and scrolled in an Output window. The last action executed will be shown at the bottom of the window.

If you scroll up to view the content and then program again, the cursor will not move from your current location. This is to keep you from losing your place even though more content is filing the window below. To see the new content, you must manually scroll down.

Context Menu

Right clicking in the Output window will display various options as shown below.

Table 14-86. Output Window Context Menu
Item Description
Copy Copies selected text from the Output window to the clipboard.
Paste Pastes selected text from the clipboard to the Output window.
Find Finds the selected text, or enters other text to find, in the Output window. You may use regular expressions and match case.
Find Next Finds the next occurrence of the Find text.
Find Previous Finds the previous occurrence of the Find text.
Filter Filters the output by text or regular expression.
Wrap Text Wraps the text in the Output window.
Larger Font Makes the font larger.
Smaller Font Makes the font smaller.
Settings Selects font size, color, etc.
Save As Saves the selected text to a file.
Clear Clears all text in the Output window tab.
Close Closes the Output window.
Output Folds Shows options for Collapse/Expand Fold, Collapse/Expand All or Collapse/Expand Fold Tree.