14.2 Action Items Window

Open the Action Items window from Window > Action Items.

The Action Items window displays a unified list of things that you need to resolve in your various files and projects, including compiler warnings and errors. Place comments in your code to specify action items. For example, in the figure below the following lines of code were used:

//TODO Add function content
//TODO Complete project startup logic
//FIXME Update code for CCI compiler compliance
Figure 14-3. Action Items Window Example

You can use filters to determine the entries that are displayed in the list and you can sort the list by clicking a column heading. The Action Items window icons enables you to modify and work with the displayed entries.

For more information, see: microchipdeveloper.com/mplabx:tasks-list

Action Items Window Display

This display format shows data in the following columns:

  • Description – A description of the action required.
  • File – The name of the file action.
  • Location – The file location.

The Action Items window icons are displayed on the left side of the window.

Table 14-2. Action Items Window Icons
Icon Icon Text Description
Show action items for currently edited file only When selected, the IDE scans the file that is currently selected in the editor and displays a list of the action items found in that file. When you open a new file in the editor, the file is scanned and only the action items in that file are displayed.
Show action items for the selected project When selected, the IDE scans all the files in the currently selected project and displays all the action items in the project window.
Show action items for all opened projects When selected, the IDE scans all the files in all open projects and displays a list of all the action items in the window.
Click here to select a filter Click the Filter button to modify the filters for the action items or to create a new filter. You can click the drop-down list on this button to select a filter to apply to the list of action items.
Group action items by category When selected, the list of action items is grouped by category.

Action Items Window Menu

Select and right click on a row in the window to pop up this menu.

Table 14-3. Action Items Window Context Menu
Item Description*
Show Show the location in code of the error/warning.
Scope Show the scope of the item - current file, current project, all projects.
Filter Show how the item is filtered. Also change filtering.
Refresh Refresh the window contents.
Sort By Specify how the window contents should be arranged.