14.5 Call Stack Window

Select Window > Debugging > Call Stack to open the Call Stack window. You must be in debug mode to view content.

The Call Stack window displays C functions and their arguments listed in the order in which they were called in the executing program. C code that is not optimized works best.

The Call Stack is available for 16- and 32-bit devices. The window is updated on Debug Pause or Halt.

Figure 14-6. Call Stack Window

The following icons are available on the window on Pause or Halt.

Table 14-16. Call Stack Icons
Icon Description

Auto or Manual Refresh of Window Contents. Depends on the value of Disable auto refresh for call stack view during debug sessions under Tools > Options > Embedded > Generic Settings – Unchecked = false (default), checked = true. See 14.26.1 Generic Settings Tab.

False = Auto Refresh (Green Icon): The window contents are automatically updated on Pause or Halt. If the window is closed or not focused, selecting the window and clicking this button will display the updates without having to run and pause/halt again.

True = Manual Refresh (Orange Icon): The window contents are not automatically updated on Pause or Halt. This button must be clicked to update window contents on a pause/halt.

Select to disable/enable evaluation of function parameter variables.
Change visible columns. For this window, show or hide location of call stack frame.