14.29 Variables Window

To open the Variables window, select Window > Debugging > Variables. You must be in debug mode to watch local variable and watches values change.

Variables Display

The following display features are discussed in the sections below: icons, columns and actions (buttons).


Icons are found to the left of the name object in the Name column:

Table 14-104. Name Column Icons
Icon Description
Local variable
Local pointer variable
Static local variable
Static local pointer variable
Pointer field
Static field
Static pointer field


You can change the columns displayed in the window by:

  • Right clicking on a heading and checking/unchecking a heading to be displayed.
  • Clicking on the Change Visible Columns icon in the top right of the window
    . In the Change Visible Columns dialog, check/uncheck a heading to be displayed.


Actions are on buttons on the left side of the window:

Table 14-105. Action Button Icons
Button Description

Show only local variables near the PC.

Show all local variables.

Selected: Make watches visible in the Variables window and enables creation of a new watch.

Not selected: Hide watches in the Variables window.

Create a New Watch in the New Watch dialog.

Variables Menu

If watches are hidden in the Variables window, the following menu is visible by clicking in a row.

If watches are visible, additional watch functions will also be visible by clicking in the window or a row.

Table 14-106. Variable Window Menu – Row
Menu Item Description
Display Value Column as Display the symbol value in the selected row in one of the formats listed.
Export Data Export watch data to a CSV file or as a literal string.
Show Only Rows Where Show only those rows with the specified criteria. Criteria available depends on column content.