14.11 ITM Display

Display data from SAM ITM trace in this window by selecting Window > Debugging > ITM Display. This feature is available for:

See the user’s guide on the product page for details.

Figure 14-24. ITM Display with Data

ITM Display Controls

In addition to the button icons described below, there are two other controls:

  • Output format: ASCII or Hex
  • Show port number: Check to show the port number selected under Settings.
Table 14-19. ITM Display Icons
Icon Function
ITM Display Settings - Open the ITM Setting Dialog. Select ITM port(s), output history size, and ITM trace file path.
Clear Output - Clear output in display.
Open Trace Configuration in Project Properties - Trace and Profiling
Open Target Clock Configuration in Project Properties
Start Record ITM Trace to File - specified in Settings

ITM Display Context Menu

Item Function
Copy Copy selected text.
Select All Select all text in display
Clear Output Same as button.