Frame Formats

A serial frame for the MSPIM is defined to be one character of eight data bits. The USART in MSPIM mode has two valid frame formats:

A frame starts with the least or most significant data bit. Then the next data bits, up to a total of eight, are succeeding, ending with the most or least significant bit accordingly. When a complete frame is transmitted, a new frame can directly follow it, or the communication line can be set to an idle (high) state.

The UDORDn bit in UCSRnC sets the frame format used by the USART in MSPIM mode. The Receiver and Transmitter use the same setting. Note that changing the setting of any of these bits will corrupt all ongoing communication for both the Receiver and Transmitter.

16-bit data transfer can be achieved by writing two data bytes to UDRn. A UART transmit complete interrupt will then signal that the 16-bit value has been shifted out.